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Visit Coldwater Canyon Park in the 90210 zip code with Marc Anthony and Coldwell Banker.

The best parks include Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills

Spending time outdoors is now more popular than ever before. The pandemic has put the breaks on almost all indoor activity in some areas and encourages people to explore new adventures outdoors. Los Angeles' comfortable Mediterranean climate allows visitors and residents alike to enjoy the outdoors all year round while soaking up the spectacular sun. However, many parks in Beverly Hills, like Coldwater Canyon Reservoir Park, are unacknowledged as California's cleanest recreational areas. It's time for us to go outdoors and explore the beautiful parks around The Big Orange City, Los Angeles. Let's take a closer look at some hidden gems you can visit any time you want, from sunrise to sunset.

Coldwater Canyon Reservoir Park

1100 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Coldwater Canyon Reservoir Park in Beverly Hills sits above an 8,000,000 gallon water reservoir blocks from Sunset Boulevard. The 5 1/2 acres of meticulously manicured grounds are situated adjacent to many multimillion-dollar mansions in The Gateway Neighborhood between The Beverly Hills Flats and The Beverly Hills Post Office district.

Coldwater Canyon Reservoir Park is undoubtedly one of the best-kept secrets in Beverly Hills.

At Coldwater Canyon Reservoir Park, you'll find many peaceful places to relax, soak up the sun, and read your favorite book. Upon request, picnic tables are also available for reservation with The City of Beverly Hills.

Coldwater Canyon Reservoir Park is also an excellent place for children. They'll never want to leave either of the two playgrounds and love cooling their feet on hot summer days in the built-in water feature. Bring your kids to Coldwater Canyon Reservoir Park to create memories they'll cherish for eternity.

All Angelenos enjoy local trails like Runyon Canyon, Trebek Open Space, and routes on Mulholland Highway directly underneath the Hollywood Sign. In addition to these celebrated hiking trails, if you know where to look, you can find even more pleasing places.

Coldwater Canyon Tree People Park

12601 Mulholland Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Coldwater Canyon Tree People Park in Beverly Hills may be easily confused with the Coldwater Canyon Reservoir Park located in lower Beverly Hills. Both parks are found in the 90210 zip code and have identical names when you search for at them on Google Maps; however, Coldwater Canyon Tree People Park is near the mountain peak several miles north of Coldwater Canyon Reservoir Park.

Coldwater Canyon Tree People Park has miles of hiking trails complemented by gorgeous scenic vistas.

If you want to get involved, this is a must-visit park. Andy Lipkis founded Tree People in 1973 to encourage environmental healing and community education. Like Coldwater Canyon Reservoir Park, Coldwater Canyon Tree People Park is a fantastic place to bring kids interested in learning more about the environment.

Sustainability and environmental consciousness is a cornerstone of the Tree People's park. With a LEED Certified community building and 45 sprawling acres, the park incorporates sustainable design and interesting educational elements.

Beverly Hills Garden Park

9439 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Beverly Gardens Park opened in 1911. This horizontally sprawling park is hard to miss because it runs parallel to Santa Monica Boulevard for 1.9 miles from the Beverly Hilton to West Hollywood.

Twice a year, Beverly Gardens Park is transformed into a public art gallery, where you can meet your favorite emerging artists or purchase art for your home.

Beverly Gardens Park makes up the southernmost boundary of the affluent Flats neighborhood, where property sales range from $4,500,000 to more than $25,000,000. The closer you get to Sunset Boulevard, the more opulent and desirable the homes become.

When you travel on Beverly Drive from Beverly Gardens Park, you can reach Will Rogers Memorial Park, Coldwater Canyon Reservoir Park, as well as Coldwater Canyon Tree People Park on Mulholland Drive.

People who live and visit Los Angeles love hiking, the outdoors, and the best views. Plenty of outdoor space exists around Los Angeles for you to safely adventure out of the house.

Beverly Hills parks are very welcoming and open to all people. Step outside of your comfort zone, get outside, and learn something new today about the world today.

You may also want to consider exploring Holmby Park.

601 Club View Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90024