The Bird Streets

The epitome of modern luxury view homes

A map of the Bird Street la neighborhood in Beverly Hills CA located in the 90069 zip code.

Welcome to The Bird Streets near Beverly Hills

The Bird Streets neighborhood is one of Los Angeles' most sought-after and well-recognized communities among entertainment's elite and high-performing business professionals. This niche neighborhood is in the 90069 zip code perched on the lower Hollywood Hills foothills on the Santa Monica Mountains south side. The hillside community offers exceptional city views that add tremendous value to the luxury homes located here.

In the 1920s, The Bird Streets neighborhood began to take shape as new homes and streets were being built. The roads in the area are named mostly after passerine birds and help give the area its identity.

Street names like Oriole Drive, Tanager Way, Thrasher Avenue, Skylark Lane, Nightingale Drive, Robin Drive, Swallow Drive, Warbler Way, Flicker Place, Bluebird Avenue, Bobolink Place, Kinglet Drive, and my personal favorite, Mockingbird Place, have helped make this luxurious district unlike any other in Los Angeles. The Bird Streets are situated just east of the Trousdale Estates neighborhood or the 90210 zip code. The streets are west of Sunset Plaza Drive. And just northwest of the Sunset Strip. The community is located near some of the best entertainment Los Angeles offers, including Chateau Marmont, The Doheny Room, and The Beverly Gardens Park in Beverly Hills.

Residents who purchase homes in The Bird Streets enjoy a central location not too far up in the Santa Monica Mountains and comfortably close to Sunset Boulevard. The Bird Streets can be found only twenty-nine minutes from the California Incline in Santa Monica, ten minutes from world-class shopping on Rodeo Drive, and approximately thirty minutes away from Van Nuys Airport.

The famous Bird Street neighborhood is home to celebrities, elite business men and women. Hip homebuyers have shown interest in The Bird Streets not only because of the phenomenal panoramic views of the city but also the neighborhood's unobstructed views all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Residence also fall in love with the well-constructed and exciting contemporary homes built on the hillside.

Mediterranean-style homes dating back to the beginning of the neighborhood's development are sometimes bought, sold, or demolished to make room for new modern homes with views in California. Mid-century homes, popular during the Trousdale Estates neighborhood construction, can also be found in The Bird Streets. As time progresses, more modern mansions will replace the old homes to meet the demand for luxury housing in Los Angeles.

Suppose you are a home buyer interested in The Bird Streets neighborhood. In that case, you may want to consider acquiring an older mid-century modern home with good bones that you can make improvements to over time. Or choose the most expensive home in the neighborhood right now that allows you to use the home as-is or renovate it in the future with a set of architectural plans that are included in the sale.

The most luxurious estates in The Bird Streets have some of the most spectacular and picturesque vistas. They offer compounded impenetrable lots and state of the art security. In addition to privacy, motor courts and infinity pools are prevalent among many Bird Street residences.

Despite global economic and social challenges, The Bird Streets neighborhood has remained a desirable choice for some homebuyers. Historically low-interest rates and a lack of adequate inventory to choose from in general have given Los Angeles real estate a boost.

Since August 12, 2021, 15 homes have sold in The Bird Streets neighborhood. The average days on the market for listings in The Bird Streets has been 57 days. The average price of homes sold in The Bird Streets during this period was $6,046,188, with a range of sales from $1,667,500 to $14,100.000.

The average sale price to list price ratio is 100.35% for homes on the market less than 30 days. As homes sit on the market the sale price to list price ratio declines. Homes in The Bird Streets on the market for 31-60 days have a ratio of 86.03%.

If listings sit on the market for more than 90 days in The Bird Streets, the home will likely sell far below its original asking price compared to homes priced well initially and sold within the first 60 days of their listing period. The list price to sale price ratio does decline over time, and therefore it is crucial to price your home correctly from the beginning and not chase the market later with price reductions.

The total volume of all homes sold in The Bird Streets from August 12, 2021, to February 12, 2022, was $90,692,834.

Sales in The Bird Streets are stable year over year

During the same period the previous year, 21 homes were transferred in The Bird Streets neighborhood, with a total of $124,251,002. The average days on the market was about the same in 2021 compared to 2022. The average sale price during this time was $5,916,714, with a range of sold listings from $1,859,000 to $23,600,000.

The Bird Streets remain a desirable area, and the market data may make homeowners and sellers feel a bit more optimistic. For the most up to date records on homes transferred in The Bird Streets, contact Marc Anthony directly with Coldwell Banker Realty in Beverly Hills.

There are currently 18 active listings to choose from in The Bird Streets and five homes currently under contract to be sold. The median price of all active homes for sale in The Bird Streets is $12,547,588.

Are you interested in learning more about The Bird Streets in the Hollywood Hills? Did you know that the Bird Street neighborhood inspired the song Blue Jay Way written by George Harrison? Recorded and released in 1967, Blue Jay Way by The Beetles adds an aura of mystery and fantasy to this spectacular neighborhood to call home … especially during foggy nights.