The Trousdale Estates vs. The Beverly Hills Flats

The Trousdale Estates homes for sale vs the Beverly Hills Flats luxury real estate.

In this article, we will discuss the Trousdale Estates and the Beverly Hills Flats. Two of LA’s top most expensive neighborhoods and among the most prestigious.

About Beverly Hills, L.A.

Los Angeles, California has plenty to offer its residents. There are many activities and attractions, and the weather is always beautiful. It’s no wonder the city has some of the most expensive Beverly Hills zip codes in the nation, including the infamous 90210 zip code. In fact, according to a Property Shark analysis, LA County has 18 (over 15%) of the most expensive zip codes in the U.S.

Comparing the Sale Price for Both Locations

The esteemed Beverly Hills is a Los Angeles, California city with a population of around 32,701. Home to luxury hotels, many celebrities, and the famous Rodeo Drive shopping district. It also includes the Beverly Hills Flats and the Trousdale Estates.

Beverly Hills Flats sits west of the iconic Bird Streets in the western part of Hollywood. The Trousdale Estates is north of Sunset Boulevard. In comparison, the Q3 median sale price of a home in Beverly Hills Flats is around $7.4 million. A Trousdale Estate home's median sale price is about $6.3 million.

The Beverly Hills Flats

Beverly Hills Flats map around central Beverly Hills. The Flats in Los Angeles are among the most prominent neighborhoods in the world. Lined with a striking picturesque view of beautiful palm trees and one-of-a-kind mansions, the Flats lie north of Santa Monica Boulevard and south of Sunset Boulevard. To the east is Doheny Drive, and to the west is Wilshire Boulevard.

Homes, Estates, and Lots in Beverly Hills Flats

The Flats neighborhood in Beverly Hills consists of extravagant single-family homes built on large lots with gentle slopes. These Beverly Hills luxury homes cost much more than average L.A. County houses. There are 1,712 lots in Beverly Hills Flats with a land value of roughly $3 million for an 8,000-acre lot.

The average size of lots in the flats ranges from 12,000 sq ft to 36,000 sq ft. You can get a 5+ bedroom home in Beverly Hills Flats for around $7 million to $10 million. In September 2021, the neighborhood’s record sale for the month occurred when 527 N Palm Drive sold for $17.4 million.

Streets of the Beverly Hills Flats

The streets in the Beverly Hills Flats neighborhood include Alta Dr., N. Alpine Dr., N. Arden Dr., N. Beverly Dr., N. Bedford Dr., N. Camden Dr., Carmelita Ave., N. Canon Dr., N. Crescent Dr., N. Elm Dr., Elevado Ave., Foothill Rd., N. Linden Dr., N. Hillcrest Rd., N. Maple Dr., Lomitas Ave., N. Oakhurst Dr., N. Rodeo Dr., N. Palm Dr., N. Roxbury Dr., Rexford Dr., Walden Dr., Sierra Dr., Trenton Dr., and Whittier Dr.

Residents of Beverly Hills Flats

Beverly Hills Flats attracts wealthy homebuyers who want to live a refined lifestyle in a neighborly community. They want to take a stroll down the streets of their neighborhood while admiring a picturesque street view of mature trees and greenery.

This neighborhood is completely residential and one hundred percent conforming. Many homes in the Beverly Hills Flats have their own private gated entryway and a high-tech advanced security systems.

Things To Do in Beverly Hills Flats

If you are close to Santa Monica, you could take a walk to the infamous Golden Triangle and have lunch at one of the many sophisticated cafes on Brighton Way. Sunset Boulevard and the Greensward have trails for walking or jogging. Many local residents use these trails to get daily exercise while enjoying the wonderful weather. You will also find the world-renowned Beverly Hills Hotel north of Sunset. It's perfect for receptions, galas, and luncheons with cocktails at the Polo Lounge.

The Trousdale Estates

Trousdale Estates was developed in the 1950s by Paul Trousdale. It is another upper-class neighborhood in Beverly Hills. Carved out of a simple hillside that was once known as the Doheny Ranch. This 410-acre neighborhood has armed security guards patrolling the area 24/7 and dedicated police making rounds day and night in the neighborhood.

Homes, Estates, and Lots in the Trousdale Estates

Most Trousdale estates' real estate properties are luxury homes and mansions designed in the 1950s through 1960s by distinguished architects including Richard Dorman, Wallace Neff, Richard Neutra, A. Quincy Jones, and more. These mid-century modern estates were built on terraced lots with gorgeous views looking out over the Los Angeles Basin as far as the eyes can see.

Over the years, Trousdale Estates have seen a lot of upgrades and renovations by expert architecture firms bringing new spectacular views, artistry, and design to these luxury homes. Some of these properties have jaw-dropping views spanning from the Los Angeles Downtown area to the Pacific Ocean going as far as Catalina Island.

Streets of the Trousdale Estates

The streets in the Trousdale Estates neighborhood include Arkell Dr., Alexis Pl., Barrie Dr., Carla Ln., Burk Pl., Castle Pl., Carla Ridge, Clinton Pl., Chalette Dr., Cole Pl., Drury Ln., Dabney Ln., N. Hillcrest Rd., Haynes Ave., Loma Vista Dr., Leslie Ln., Maytor Pl., Martin Ln., Robert Ln., Usher Pl., Trousdale Pl., Walker Dr., Vick Pl., and Wallace Ridge.

Residents of the Trousdale Estates

For decades celebrity homeowners have enjoyed the advantages of fine living in the Trousdale Estates including Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis, Howard Hughes, Ray Charles, Groucho Marx, and even President Richard Nixon was once a proud homeowner of a Trousdale Estate home. Today, the trend of celebrity residency continues as Trousdale Estates is home to celebrities like Simon Cowell, Charlie Puth, David Spade, Vera Wang, Jane Fonda, and Jennifer Aniston, just to name a few.

Things To Do in the Trousdale Estates

Where is Trousdale estates in Beverly Hills? Trousdale is located in the Beverly Hills coastal community in proximity to Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, providing residents with access to everything from dining in top restaurants to shopping in major department stores. Take a four-minute drive to Beverly Hills Platinum Triangle and visit Rodeo Drive, where it’s all happening. But, residents are still far away from the hassle and noise of nearby West Hollywood.

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