Estate Representative


Marc Anthony helps match homebuyers with properties that meet their specific needs. Unlike other agents who confuse customers with dozens of general listings, Marc Anthony only selects listings that truly meet your search criteria. He is able to educate buyers from A to Z so that they're well prepared to make informed decisions quickly during acquisitions. Marc Anthony gives his clients the competitive edge they need.

Are you interested in selling your home quickly and discretely? Marc Anthony will help you determine the best strategy for your special situation. He will work outside the box to get your listing noticed by as many homebuyers as possible. Exclusive resources provided by Coldwell Banker Realty make the difference. His untouchable reputation, honest approach, and personal network will help you sell your home fast for the most money in the shortest amount of time.

Marc Anthony brings homebuyers and sellers together in a peaceful way so that transactions are successful and hassel free.
Loyalty to the Coldwell Banker Realty benefits sellers. Coldwell Banker Realty is a well established brand recognized all around the world in both large and small communities.
  • Custom, vivid, and engaging property flyers
  • High quality professional photography
  • Well crafted multiple listing (MLS) input
  • Yard sign
  • Professional open houses
  • Placement on MarcAnthony.Co
  • Social media distribution
  • 900+ website distribution
  • Buyer pre-qualification
  • Comparable market analysis(CMA)
  • Broker price opinion (BPO)
  • Pricing strategy analysis
  • Globally recognized branding
  • Listing concierge services
  • Net proceed report
  • Complete contract review
  • Estimated settlement statements
  • Immediate communication
  • Showing feedback
  • All disclosure reports
  • Contractual deadline reminders
  • Transaction stress management
  • 100% accountable

  • I promise...
    • apply my education to illustrate key architectural details in your home.
    • use hands-on construction experience to study quality and craftsmanship.
    • communicate showing feedback with you quickly after showings.
    • sell your home for the most money in the shortest amount of time.
    • respect your home as if it were my own.
    • put your best interests first.
    • be prepared and on time.
    • ask the right questions to solve problems.
    • assist you with completing the contract.
    • clarify all disclosure documents.
    • prepare all counter offers.
    • be available.
    • personally attend showings.
    • set the stage for showings and make certain the buyers experience is perfect.
    • lock up and secure your home after showings.
    • be certain you meet all contractual deadlines.
    • detail what is and is not included in your sale.
    • expedite the escrow process.
    • be confident the contract is correct and complete.
    • confirm that the buyer has made their initial earnest deposit.
    • deliver keys to your buyer.
    • eliminate all buying and selling anxieties.
    • always act with integrity.
    Marc Anthony Davila is passionate about keeping the peace between buyers and sellers during difficult transactions. Committed to integrity and the best interests of others, Marc Anthony will always treat your real estate transaction as if it were his own.

    Unlike other seasoned real estate professionals, Marc Anthony owns a multidisciplinary approach to complicated real estate situations.

    To complement his career in real estate, Marc Anthony studied architecture and design at Kent State University. With the ability to understand architectural ideas and communicate with design professionals, he is prepared to guide the most ambitious client. Marc Anthony has also worked hands-on in physical construction environments to better understand the real estate business.
    Maximize your listing exposure with Coldwell Banker and offer excellent customer service with Marc Anthony. Earn the most money for your largest assets with knowledge and experience you can trust.

    AB 1482 (Statewide Rent Control and Just Cause Eviction) - California landlords are now subject to statewide rent control with annual rent increases capped at 5 percent plus inflation, up to a maximum of 10 percent per year. This cap applies retroactively to all rent increases since March 15, 2019.
    Assembly Bill 1482 also includes a just cause provision, which means that landlords can no longer terminate month-to-month tenancies at will. They now must point to one of 15 specific reasons - some "at fault" and some "no fault" - to justify evicting a tenant.
    There are exemptions to this law. The just case provisions only protect tenants who have been in possession for a year or more, and certain types of housing are exempt including single-family homes and condos if tenants have received notice of the exemption and the owner is not an REIT or corporation. Other exemptions include homes built within the last 15 years, owner-occupied duplexes, and more.
    SB 329 (Section 8 Housing Vouchers) - Landlords may no longer refuse to rent to a tenant solely based on their participation in a housing voucher program such as Section 8. Doing so would constitute illegal "source of income" discrimination. However, landlords remain free to decline prospective tenants provided they do so on otherwise lawful grounds that are not based on a tenant's receipt of a housing subsidy. Landlords remain free to charge rents as allowed under law and do not have to reduce rents to make units affordable to voucher holders. Further, landlords can continue to use appropriate financial and income standards when making rental decisions, such as verifying income levels or checking creditworthiness. But landlords no longer have the option to forgo participation in housing subsidy programs when presented with a prospective tenant who is qualified to rent from them in all other respects.
    AB 1110 (90-Day Notice for Rent Increases Above 10 Percent) - Previously, a 60-day notice was required for rent increases above 10 percent; the new law extends that to 90 days. A 90-day notice is required when all rent increases in the previous 12 months, including the current one, total more than 10 percent. For increases of 10 percent or less, the notice period remains 30 days. Keep in mind that with the passage of AB 1482, an increase of more than 10 percent within any 12-month period will only be permitted for housing that is exempt from the statewide rent cap law.
    CCPA Strengthens Consumers' Privacy Rights - Signed into law in 2018, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) officially went into effect on January 1, 2020. CCPA applies to any for-profit entity that does business in the state of California and collects personal information, provided that entity meets certain requirements. Under CCPA, consumers now have the right to see what personal information covered businesses have collected about them, the right to request that their personal information be deleted and the right to prevent businesses from sharing their personal information with others. Personal information can include names, addresses, bank details and purchasing history, and the law does not distinguish between electronic and other forms of records (meaning paper files count, too). Although the CCPA contains no general private right of action, a business covered by CCPA that violates any of its provisions may be charged in an enforcement action brought by the Attorney General with civil fines between $2,500 and $7,500.
    Estate Director