Get Your Real Estate License in California

Are you planning to get your real estate license in California?


I just had a great experience participating in a survey of real estate experts by Real Estate Bees. We were asked to provide advice for a guide to earning your California real estate license.


Real Estate Bees is a web platform providing real estate agents and other professionals in the industry with informational and other resources useful for their business. 


I wasn’t surprised to find that the priority items I emphasized were often echoed by the other veteran brokers on the panel. A thorough understanding of the license exam material is key. We pointed out that exam questions may not be worded the way you expect. You need to know the material.


Test exams are a big help. They can guide applicants to the areas they need to focus on to pass the exam. 


I pointed out that you need to pay attention to the process details. It will take a while to get on the exam schedule after finishing your required classes so apply right away.


Other areas of interest to prospective applicants that we went over were costs, background checks, online versus in-person classes, and the time it takes to actually receive your license. The consensus was that:


  • The costs are reasonable considering the value of the license. 
  • If you have a violation on your record, don’t assume that you won’t pass the background check. Violations are reviewed for their relevance to an agent’s duties. 
  • Online classes are very effective and are here to stay.
  • You should be able to get a license in a year or less. The more time you can devote to classes, the less time it will take. It’s doable in 3 – 4 months.


It’s not the first time that Real Estate Bees asked for my opinion for their article. If you are a real estate professional too, you can reach out to them and offer your expertise for their next articles.