Outside Lights Add Value and Dimension to Your Home

Illuminating the facade or property line can unwrap character, add value, and improve the safety of your personal environment.  It doesn’t matter if you’re building a new home or adding to your existing residence, exterior lighting can make all the difference.  If you’re purchasing a compounded estate, ask the seller if his property lines are well illuminated.  A dark or unilluminated property line can encourage unscrupulous behavior and give criminals a drape to hide behind. 

Use light like art and showcase exquisite accents that make your home unique.  Bring the character of your home out of the darkness with lights.  Use tables and chairs to create a nighttime place to sit, relax, and enjoy the fresh summer air.  You can create character visually and give purpose to space.  Call out landscaped focal points and address markers with strong or soft lights. Encourage evening and nighttime family gathering spaces and don’t be discouraged by the bugs!

Insects can be a huge problem and ruin your new space for enjoyment.  There are a few things that you can do to protect yourself from the bugs while enjoying the great outdoors.  Use yellow “bug lights” in areas outside that you intend on occupying.  You can also use blue lights to attract bugs away from your sitting area further reducing the number of insects in the area.  Electric insect traps that kill the insects may be an option if the pests are really bothering you. 

Connect your exterior lights to Amazon’s Alexa and use voice control to set your home apart from others.  When you’re ready to market your home for sale, voice-controlled lighting is a great talking point for real estate agents and their clients.  If there are special unique features like improved exterior voice-controlled lighting, be certain to include this information in the listing description that is published.  Bring your real estate marketing photographer back again at night to snap a few extra twilight marketing shots.  Exterior lights enhance the curb appeal when buyers are shopping for homes in your neighborhood and these details should be relayed to every party interested in purchasing your home.  Well planned lighting features will make your home more unique than other competitive listings on the market and therefore you will have a more valuable, more marketable home.

Neighborhood street lights assist pedestrians in finding their way at night.  Some neighborhood groups believe street lights help reduce crime.  Illuminating your property line may help create a safer environment for you and your family.  Well lit homes are inviting to guests and encourage positivity.  A dark vacant home may be more appealing to criminals.  Discourage unwanted guests by keeping a well illuminated home.

Think outside the box and be creative when designing your home.  Each property is different and can incorporate exterior lighting features in different ways.  Well lit homes are just another positive talking point when marketing your home for sale.  Bring out the positive attributes of your home to earn more money when you sell.  Use lighting to your advantage and don’t forget about the importance of voice-controlled systems!

1715 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, California 90210 is an excellent example of the creative use of light in a dense urban environment.  Taking full advantage of large walls and materials as show spaces is made possible with will designed exterior lighting package.  Be careful not to use too much light as too much light can overwhelm the environment. 1715 North Beverly Drive is currently available for sale today in Beverly Hills, California listed at $4,295,000.  It is an ever so popular modern home with beautiful natural light and nighttime exterior lighting.

Marc Anthony Davila is a real estate director affiliated with Coldwell Banker’s #1 office in North America.  He is a student of architecture and design and will approach your real estate transactions from all perspectives.  Dedicated to serving others, Marc Anthony Davila goes above and beyond for his clients.  Marc Anthony uses his understanding of design to bring out the important attributes of your home in its marketing material.  Marc Anthony is a professional mentored by top-tier real estate, construction, and design experts.