The 5 Advantages to Buying a Ranch Home

The 5 Advantages to Buying a Ranch Home

With so many choices to make during the real estate process, these 5 advantages to buying a ranch home will help you make your decision. It can be difficult to decide which style house to choose.  The more specific your home search criteria is, the better.  Narrow down and focus on exactly what you’re looking to purchase. The ranch house is becoming more and more popular as homebuyers are planning for their future.

Here are 5 advantages to purchasing a ranch-style house this year.

  • Ranch homes are cozier. Typically they’re not as large as our favorite and still popular mini-mansions, ranch homes are much more intimate.   The ranch-style became a popular design choice after World War II during suburban sprawl and then faded from popularity during the late 1970s.  The floor plans of the ranch-style homes usually have more interior partition walls that divide and define space.
  • A ranch home will allow you to age in place.  Eating healthy helps slow the aging process but certainly does not reverse the aging process.  We all must face the fact that we’re not getting any younger.  Senior living communities have become a specialty for builders and ranch homes are becoming more popular among home buyers.  Ranch homes make accessibility a little bit easier and you wont have to dish out a small fortune on a brand new residential elevator.  Consider a ranch home and pay special attention to the widths of hallways and interior-exterior transitions.
  • If you want a home with the most indoor-outdoor potential, consider choosing a ranch home.  Ranch homes are great for sprawling horizontally and enhance the occupants experience through open floor plans.  Small additions can be a little less intimidating.
  • Ranch homes are more adaptable.  Ranch homes have potential.  You can remodel a ranch home to fit your midcentury vibe or adjust it to showcase a more modern twist.  Adding a small addition to your ranch home or repositioning the exterior landscape can help you maximize the potential of your new ranch home.
  • Ranch homes are more charming.  Ranch homes are nostalgic.  Especially to the baby booming and millennial generations.  Millennials have many childhood memories exploring ranch homes.  If that’s not a good reason to own a ranch then what is?

Say goodbye to the over popular modern mini-mansions and consider a midcentury modernized ranch redesigned with a new creative flair.

204 Ashdale Place is open for public viewing Saturday, July 21 and Sunday, July 22 from 2-5 PM.  Situated in the beautiful Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles you’ll certainly find yourself at home and full of nostalgic memories.

Enjoy a sweeping view of Los Angeles during the day and the sparkling city lights in the evening.  Offered at $4,999,000 this ranch style home has 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, and over 3,700 square feet of living space.  Aside from the awesome views, you’ll enjoy a 40,000+ square foot lot in Brentwood, California.